Confident People And How You Know Them
People that are confident are easily identified. They know exactly what they want and most times they know how to go about it. Self confidence is a very wonderful attribute for a person to have. There are some very common habits or attribute about them. Now let us look at them. -You can never convince… (0 comment)

Cooling, Handling Your Anger In A Relationship
In a relationship misunderstandings are bound to happen. These things are not strange and are in fact expected. Looking at their advantage, they help you to understand you partner more. You see, relationships have their up and also their downs and the anger during that period can affect a lot. During this time you tend… (0 comment)

Relationship Conflicts And Ways To Resolve Them
As you probably know by now, people who are siblings have disagreements, let alone lovers.  In romantic relationships fights and disagreements are bound to happen and when they happen how you handle them are very important. When two people are together for a very long time, having their lives intertwined they are bound to have… (0 comment)

Toxic Facebook Friends And How To Spot Them
Dark Personalities Are Usually Known To Display Their True Colors Online We make friends quickly on social media, which is ironic given the absence of the visual, verbal, and behavioral cues that we use every day to size each other up offline. Although most friends, fans, and followers are friendly, encouraging, and sometimes even inspiring,… (0 comment)

How To Build A Strong Relationship…
A nice relationship is a great thing… a wonderful thing when it happens to you. But it is not all easy or happens with a snap. It takes time and work. Never take what happens in movies to partake in your relationship. No relationship is a romantic movie, that should be understood. It is also… (0 comment)

My Ex Wants to Be Friend with me
 My Ex just told me she wants to Be my Friend To write on this I will use a practical example that happened to me recently. This is really timely. Let us dig in. A female friend (let us name her Jane for the purpose of this write up) wrote me recently a message and she… (0 comment)