Relationshipanddates is a beautiful community designed for the sole aim of discovering and building personal and professional relationships.

Many have described Relationshipanddates as an ‘elite online club’. Maybe it is because on this platform, every member can share their thoughts.

We can say at this point that Relationshipanddates is the first community of its kind having a lot uniqueness, (come in and find out more as we keep evolving and improving). We will be leaving the verification of members to existing members to vote. The vote is fair and democratic. The rules will be vetted.

At Relationshipanddates, we do not give relationship counsel, we just share our opinion personal stories, hopes etc with the possible hope of learning more.

If you have a story or experience and you want to share while remaining anonymous you can always contact admin stating clearly your intentions and trust them to keep you anonymous. It our community and we all are in charge.

Once again,we welcome you as our esteem reader to our blog to and we hope you will have or already a nice time surfing our blog. WELCOME TO OUR RELATIONSHIP COMMUNITY : RELATIONSHIPANDDATES.COM

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