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Do You Think Couples Should Share All Secrets Of Their Single Lives?

Do You Think Couples Should Share All Secrets Of Their Single Lives?
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I am really asking this for a friend… ‘should couples share secrets of their single lives with their partners? I am of the opinion that couples should maintain a clean slate with their partners. A lot of couples tend to keep secrets but I think this will not help any.

Not everyone will be okay or even comfortable disclosing covered past even to most dear ones. But one would think this is supposed to happen especially as the relationship is just starting and all is still cozy. People still feel like not all of the past should be revealed. Lets first look at a few reasons why these secrets are kept and see if the reasons are justifiable.

Most women, in particular, would want to hold on to a secret just maybe to save the relationship or maybe for the singular purpose of not hurting their partner. And most times to avoid their partners disapproval, this is according to some research made. Sometimes the holding party could feel so ashamed and not want to share any of the secrets.

Why don’t we now look into some of the reasons I think we should share.

The Fear: The person will also be in fear especially when there is a possibility of the secret coming to light. There will always be that feel of insecurity and doubt about yourself. This is usually the case where true love is involved. When ever such related case is mentioned, the person will feel that his/ her secret is about to be revealed or leaked.

Your Sins Will Ever Be Before You: Yes, your sins will ever be before you. and most occurrences will be traced to the secret… especially the when there are pointers. The guilt, the uneasiness… etc.

Most Times The Ugly Secrets Come Knocking: Yes, sometimes the ugly past comes knocking and when it does you will find out that all you have bee trying to prevent has come crashing down upon you. At that point it may not be worth it any more.

The past always has this way its catches up with the present and it is usually in a catastrophic way. Am always for a total disclosure.

A friend says that there are some secrets that one should live with throughout his life… Do you agree? Feel free to send in your opinion via the comment section lets hear how you feel concerning this matter.


Photo Credit: Psychology Today


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