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How Important Is Hygiene In A Relationship


Hygiene is a set of practices performed to preserve health. According to the World Health Organization, “Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.” Personal hygiene refers to maintaining the body’s cleanliness. The above definition is by Wikipedia.

Personal hygiene involves those practices performed by an individual to care for one’s bodily health and well being, through cleanliness.

It is important that these terms are understood before we go on discussing the subject. Let me just drop the biggest summary, that hygiene or rather personal hygiene is very important in a relationship. It can break or make the relationship. You could just watch your relationship vanish into thin air if you do not get your hygiene or cleanliness right.

This stand can go through for a man or a woman does not really matter. Now let me ask, have you ever met someone and you said ‘eww, this is gross, this person is nasty’? Well, I have and that was not a very good experience.

You will not have to ask before you understand now that bad hygiene is a deal breaker. Personal hygiene in marriage or any kind of relationship is a great thing and always advisable as the benefits are huge.

People with very bad hygiene are not only some regular people that you meet but also they kind of look dapper and the business type. Having a clean cloth or outfit is not just enough. Most time when you look at them from a distance you will be fooled.

Why Personal Hygiene Is So Important While Dating Or Already In A Relationship. Will you ever want to kiss someone with bad breath? I have hardly met anyone with a bad breath fetish.

Will you like to introduce to your friends a lady that cannot put together some clean clothes to wear? Or with hair overgrown and out of proportion from the wrong places?

Personal hygiene is a must and like I always say must be taken very seriously.

The common question is what sorts of things are important? Generally …

*Try to take a shower or maybe even two. This really helps and can really rejuvenate you to some surprising extents. Loading yourself with lots of cologne or perfume or body sprays will never replace water and soap. Get to work, the effects of poor personal hygiene are so enormous.

*You should always wear deodorant or an antiperspirant. This is a must and never to be obeyed.

*Clean your ears and eyes properly, daily and maybe during the day with your handkerchief.

*You should always make sure that there is nothing in your nose. Clear your nose of all clogs and all outgrowing hair strands.

*Brush your teeth at least once a day, but I will prefer two a day this will also help keep your breath in check.

*For those times when you know you will be speaking with people especially with close proximity, keep mints/ chewing gums in hand i.e close by.

*You should wash and sanitize your hand often especially when you are done with the toilet.

*Do not put on ripped or stained clothes. When I talk of ripped clothes I mean those that are ripped with no fashion intentions.

*Make sure your nails are clean and well kempt.

*If you are expecting some extra-curricular activities, well make sure you are well prepared with the environment smelling nice and I will advice some nice shower before and after. You can even decide to make it fun by you guys having the shower together.

In this regard you will not be faulted if you check the mirror once in a while and take a sniff test, just to be double sure that you are in order.

It is great if you have a signature scent. When I was growing up I had Passion but now my signature is Impression. I have always loved their smell and people always commend them.

I do not ever think anybody will want to date someone that is smelly and dirty. This will not work for me. Let me ask a question, will you go ahead to kiss someone that is a food particle in their teeth or with a stench on their body? The answer is no. So keep yourself clean.

All that, he should love me the way I am is bullshit when it comes to this matter.


Bad breath. This is a really bad one. They are not compatible and can not work out in a relationship. You may want to tell me right now that relationship is built on trust. But bad breath can scatter it all.

You will feel uncomfortable when you want to kiss your girlfriend or wife and you perceive some foul smell coming from her mouth. This will be a complete turn-off for some.

You should try to have better oral hygiene and if the problem persists try to see a doctor.

Unpleasant body odour. This is another bad one. This will definately keep her away from you as she wiil not like the kind of fish smell you will be emitting. This will make it difficult for her to kiss you or even hug you. Do not make life harder for her.

It must be understood that the human body constantly releases ‘sebum’. This you need to constantly wash off as it gives off really bad smell. This can be handled in an easy way… take baths regulary. You should take showers like twice a day.

Constant dirty hands. The hands is the part of the body that is mostly exposed to germs and the likes. The hands are exposed to many, millions of micro-organisms. These bad organisms land on them after being in dirty places or touching dirty places.

hands being washed

These dirty hands has a high probability of infecting your partner. When you live together with your partner you are bound to share many things. By sharing you could pass microbs to your partner.

Use soap. This is a very good one. It is known to kill 83% of germs/ micro organisms. Soap will help you to also get rid of most sanity diseases. You should make sure to wash your hand each time you visit the rest room, after doing dirty things and after having meals.

Your nails is another issue. They should be short and neat as a man and always neat as a woman. The effects of bad hygiene can not be over emphasied.

You should be concious of your body condition: Your body condition speaks volumes about you. If you gaining weight, having odour and losing your glow, these are your weakness. This will not make your partner happy and you need to address it.

Your body condition also goes to speak about your character. If by any chnace you give up this could also mean you are not a good partner. Your partner may not be able to rely on you during some challenging circumstances.

You should show your self esteem and confidence, start with you, start with your body.

You should keep your body in good shape. Proper exercising, good dieting. Your improving lifestyle will improve your body outlook.

You should love the way you look and also improve your dressing style. By this you will be more attractive and with a higher level of confidence.

Look to your untidy house/ environment. A clean house is sexy don’t you think? There is really not much to say here. Fix the environment if the flower does not bloom right? That is also how a relationship is. Living in a clean environment reduces many health risks, infections, and diseases.

Make your home is free of microbes, viruses or bacteria as much as possible by cleaning it up regularly.

It is advisable that you follow some few steps:

-Clean dust from surfaces and other places with a clean and wet cloth.

-Ventilate your room byopening windows, let air in as much as possible.

– Let sunlight in also.

A healthy relationship will do best in a will do great in a clean environment. Hygiene is also for a healthy family. Another reason to take care of your hygiene is also because of your friend and family. It is not only about you.

Your poor hygiene may hurt your partner’s well-being. This inevitably hurts your relationship as well.

A relationship is, first of all, a responsibility. It’s in your hands to build a healthy relationship. Make your friends and family feel comfortable in your company. Let them feel safe and protected with you.

Take care of your hygiene to maintain health, but most important do it for your family.

Make it easy for your partner to love you.

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