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Distance Relationship… Some Tips

I have watched a lot of distance relationship suffer… even those that are supposed to make it or survive the test period. I feel there are some things people in distance relationship should do. There are also stuff there should understand before going into a distance relationship or even staying in a distance relationship.

Again these are my opinion, feel free to share yours or even comment let us get to understand this more.  You do not know who might be helping out there.

This Is The Age Of Technology…Use It: Well exactly like it says, it is the age of technology you got to use it, chats, texts, phone calls and most importantly video calls. this is very important. Technology has simplified some stuff for us and we need to take advantage of this.

People in distance relationship rely more on this. You can also share some moments, like in photos and so on. Make it fun and spiced up. It has also been noted that sharing details about a topic of discussion has been known to help. it is better to share the details of what happened at a dinner that just saying ‘I went to dinner’.

Stick To Routines: Have agreed time when you do stuff. this should be set and try as much as possible that it is not missed for anything. And it is also important here that you set time to see each other. You must do this knowing that the other person will not fail on the agreement. Having that trust is one big thing when it comes to distance relationship.

Commitment Is Another Key Thing: Be truly committed to the relationship. True commitment will give strength to the relationship and help you reduce your doubt on the other person. Stay true and believe that your partner is also true. If you feel insecure discuss it.

This is the point I always like stressing to couples… communication is very key to every relationship. During communication you must try to understand the point of view of the other person. Listen for understanding and not just to reply.

Always Have Time For A Few Unscheduled Calls Or Text: From time to time depending on individual, there may be need for unplanned calls or messages. These are the ones am talking about. As much as possible reply. Strive to reply, a lot might depend on it from the other side

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