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First Dates And What Really Should Matter – Donald

First Dates And What Really Should Matter – Donald
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Background Checks:

When you go out on a date it is assumed that you have done some small home work on during your initial conversation or interactions with the person. Am referring to the first inquiries you make into the person you are going out with. You do this first to make sure that you find comfort first within yourself.

This inner comfort sometimes finds its way to the surface and if you are not good enough ypu will do a bad job at concealing it. Concentrate on the date, you first impressions will go a long way in helping you make your decision on if there will be a second date or If that will be final. Let’s go to the next point.

Don’t Be late:

This is usually prescribed and highly recommended. It’s not always nice to be a late. You are meeting for the first time or rather for a first date…a lot will he considered here. You don’t want to be late. Come on time to join in deciding the sitting arrangement.

But who really like a late comer? For me this counts for a lot, trust me…a lot.

Pay Attention To details, Listen Carefully

I highly recommend this. You should pay attention to all the happenings around while not being distracted from the principal purpose of meeting…the date. Your date’s body language must be read properly without the danger of getting caught.

You must understand when your date wants a change of topic or is becoming uninterested in the topic you pick and be prepared to adjust. First dates are usually times when some decisions are made and you get to decide on some gaps. I would want to pay attention…close attention. First dates matter a lot. So listening attentively is also never over stressed. Listen for understanding.

Dress Well

You should dress well to suit the occasion. I would say dressing well here translates also to dressing comfortably. You must be comfortable in whatever it is you put on. Never try to over impress. I am taking into consideration you will want to look really good.. don’t overdo it. Be comfortable.

Be Mindful of what you say during the date:

As whatever you do or say will be used against you. The first date always makes a lot of impressions and sticks to the memory. You will be shocked at the details your partner will remember so make sure you are real and reduce on the lies. If they will like you they sure will like you the lies will only be a temporary covering for you.

Remember,  to drop you opinion in the comment section. These are what I think about going on a first date. Do you agree?

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