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He Does Not Love Me Anymore… Signs

For many this is not an easy place to be. I mean this is a conclusion and it is not easy. You must have seen something that made you come to the conclusion that your partner does not love you anymore. If you know the signs that is all great then you start acting properly in the understanding and taking the right steps.

I am writing this for those that are not sure of the signs and are still thinking that they are going somewhere in the relationship. You need to know the signs that point that he does not love you anymore.

There is a possibility that he does not love you anymore but you still love him. You should sit back, relax and think. If he does not care about you then he does not care having a relationship with you. If he does not care about you then he does not care about the relationship.

If your partner has made it clear he does not love you anymore I would suggest you should love yourself enough to move on.

I will be discussing below some expert tactical pointers that will tell you whether or not your boyfriend / husband / partner loves you.

1. He should show interest in the little parts of your life. If he does not want to hear about how crazy your cat has been or better still how embarrassed you where at work because you forgot a vital meeting then you should start thinking about whether he love you or not. (This does not apply to all men)

2. He does not want to connect. He also does not want to make things better for you. This is another good reason to start thinking.

3. He will just pick a fight over the silliest things and for no valid reason. This will definitely affect the relationship as a whole.

4. When he shops he buys things he like but knows you do not like. This can be termed an inconsiderate move especially when this does not take place before.

5. When he starts comparing you to ‘others’, trying to change you to what he wants no minding what you want… he no longer loves you.

It is on good advice that you be with a man that loves you and wants the best for you. Accepts your faults and wants you to be a better person. Not someone that wants you designed for himself. This just will not work.

6. His contact with you has no routine and is not consistent. He just might text and call you for some time religiously, mornings and nights but after a while just nothing.

You attention is highly needed at this point. If a man is in love he tried to show it.

7. If your man is always about what is ahead and is ignoring the present, this is another sign. The future is as important as the present.

You are living in the present, there is nothing bad in planning for the future but it becomes bad when you ignore the present.

8. He just will not show you to his parents. He keeps you away from them… this is a sign you just should not ignore. When your man does all possible to make sure you do not meet his parents or have a relationship with them, this is a signal you must not ignore… he just does not love you.

If a guy loves you and is proud of you he would like his family and even friends to meet and know you.

9. He just tells you he is not sure if of his love for you whenever you ask him if he loves you. Do not take this direct information for granted. He is being sincere here and I think you should give him some credit for that.

You sure deserve to be loved, save yourself the waste of time. This is an in-your-face-signal.

If he loved you he would not want to loose and would be mindful of his utterances to you. If he did he would like you to know that and not leave you guessing it all.

10. He just will not agree to shift or come to a compromise with you on something. He will not meet you half way, and is not open to negotiations. This is a pointer that he just does not love you.

11. There is every chance that you guy have some common interests. If this were not so you most likely wont meet or think of coming together in the first place. Nevertheless, if there are no spelt out future goals set or talks about them, this is a big sign you must not ignore.

Ask questions before you waste more time.

12. He still wants to explore. If your man ever says to you that he still wants to do some sampling, wants to see what is out there before any commitments, its time to call it quits.

There is no need wasting more time because that is not what you need and he has made himself clear. You obviously have different expectations and needs at the moment, just move one without thinking much about it.

13. Trust is a very important thing in every relationship. If the guy you are involved with in anyway indicates that he does not trust you, this can be an issue that can grow to be something messy.

This can be a tough one. Especially when he starts accusing you of thing that are based on the lack of trust. Most times he is just trying to take the focus off the fact that he does not love you anymore and placing some of the guilt he is feeling on you.

You need to to be aware of this trick, it is very old. IF he does not trust you the there is no need you guys are together. Its time to say your good byes.

14. He does not want to discuss relationship issues. Any time you bring it up there will be some sort of fight or the other no matter how mild. In my experience, this is a move to place the guilt on you which you must strongly resist.

There is something that must be understood. All relationships are hard works at some point. If you will not sit down and discuss issues then it can be believed that the issue is bigger than just the normal conflict.

15. He is not willing to discuss with you when you bring up issues of life that matter to you.

Who will say he love you and will not want to listen to issues that matter to you? I think that is all said already.

16. He never remembers little things about you like your favorite food, anniversary, best colour etc. I would say that someone who love you should remember little details about you that could make you smile.

Some may come up with an excuse that they are bad with dates and numbers (just like I am) but what conscious effort did they make to remember it? Like setting up a reminder or making it on the calendar?

A man in love will not give up on details because he is always looking for ways to make you feel special.

17. They will not hide you in public but will be quick to blast you even with some hard jokes. A man in love will not belittle you anytime particularly in public ‘knowingly”. There may be sometimes when he does not recognize a topic you are sensitive about that is why I said ‘knowingly’ above. But if he does know how you feel about it and still goes ahead to do it anyway, you should be done with him because in my opinion he does not love you, at least not for the right reasons.

18. He is always about the way you dress or how fat you look. Women do not like to hear these kind of things. Its sensitive to them. He keeps suggest how you need to dress better or loose some weight and just does not stop about it.

You as a human being should be proud of who you are and how you are. I do agree that there are some things you need to work on at some point in time but a man should not be somewhere mounting some unwarranted pressure on you to does these things. He should be supporting you all the way.

Take some time to think about this and take some due action.

19. Your fights are now dirty.. no more fair. Its then time to take a bow. I really do not have issues with couples fighting or having issues because even those fights have a great upside. You fight to understand yourselves better and become stronger for yourselves in the relationship. But when the fight becomes dirty?

Dirty fight lead nowhere. It is for one unhealthy and will lead to so many heart aches and troubles. If this guy is hitting you, just leave the relationship.

No man that love you will want to hurt you in any way. Hard but sadly true…sorry.

20. When on bed it is all about him and his pleasure. Well as you may probably know, sex as it is, is a two way thing as it affects the both parties involved. A man that is in love will always seek to pleasure you, most times he will seek to pleasure you first and his pleasure second.

If you some how feel it is one sided then you should most probably start thing that you are getting used.

21. He brings up reasons why he can not go out with you. Always chooses to go out with others but not you. Well he should either want to be with you or he should not. Well, lets understand that sometimes a guy will want to hang out with his friends and spend some time with them… well this is different.

If he is getting to pick his friends over you all the time this should get you thinking.

A man in love will want to spend time with his woman no excuses.

22. You seem to get him irritated easily or get under his skin so easily. A person in love will not normally get annoyed with you. If a man seems to get ticked off at the slightest occasion, this should get you thinking.

23. They are never wrong and never apologize when the make mistakes. This is a very strong sign that I will say you should not sweep under the carpet or handle with kid gloves. (we they are all strong signs aren’t they?)

When they make mistakes they would not want to apologize sincerely. You should love yourself enough to not want to be with a guy who is not willing to say he is sorry when he goes wrong or hurts your feelings.

If he does not feel the need to apologize, then you need to start looking more into your relationship.

24. Some little show of affection are missing. These signs are needed as they go a long way to confirm their love for you. It all starts from the hand holding to the neck kissing and all it’s sorts.

If your boyfriend or partner does not do all these, feel free to start questioning the relationship and it’s standing.

25. You are now more of a friend than a love. Well let me break it to you, you should be both! If you feel it is one sided like it is all about the ‘pal’ stuff…then you need to check the relationship.

26. Conversations are really difficult with your guy is another sign you should note as a bad sign. He is always showing attitude whenever you want to discuss. There are times when there will be those unexplained and awkward silence but then they will be few and far apart from each other.

27. Your guy is cheating on you. This is a big one yeah? But yes you need to handle it carefully. When a man cheats on you and turns around to tell you he loves you that is all crap.

Well let me break it all down for you, cheating has never and can never equate love. No need to continue you already know what to do.

28. He talks bad about your family and friends often. This is a bad sign. If a man love you he will not be talking negative about your family and friends. Not much to say here. Let us move on to the next point.

29. They are cool making fun of things you care about. Maybe you just love sitting by the beach side or you like going for long drives, no matter what it is you like your guy should not make you fee bad about this.

When a guy makes fun of thing that are dear to you he is just trying to pass a coded message that you must not ignore.

30. He shuts the door on any sort of commitment. If this is his attitude then just be sure that he is not ready for what you want and you must begin to make your plans to walk. Hard but true. Think about it long and hard and then just walk.


In all these advice given, you should understand that it does not always apply in all situation and conditions so extreme understanding of your relationship and the advice is needed hence the need for you to write in if you need further help.

The reason I decided to break it all down is so that every one can really understand these things as our understanding levels differ and one might not get to see her issues when its discussed in a summary.

I hope you get to appreciate the whole break down. Do not hesitate to let me know if you have some questions concerning this matter of any matter bordering on relationship or life as a whole.


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