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How To Build A Strong Relationship…

How To Build A Strong Relationship…
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A nice relationship is a great thing… a wonderful thing when it happens to you. But it is not all easy or happens with a snap. It takes time and work. Never take what happens in movies to partake in your relationship. No relationship is a romantic movie, that should be understood.

It is also important to note that you should not go into a relationship hoping that your partner will be completing you, will try to explain that as we progress.

-Let a relationship teach you how to be complete… I think the best word to use here is whole.

-Be alone. You will come to learn that a relationship can not keep you from being or feeling alone sometimes. when you feel safe being alone even in the confines of a relationship, you get to be more happier, whole and kind of fulfilled.

-Learn from your partner. In building a strong relationship it is important to see each other as an equal, as a reflection of yourself as you strive to be a better person. When in an argument, do not start pointing accusing fingers everywhere instead sit back relax and check what you would have done differently.

Understand who you are really. You come to an understanding of who you really are when you have owned who you are. A lot of times people go into a relationship looking for what they do not have. And when they do not get this it becomes a problem. You can not give what you do not have.

So first work on yourself, love yourself just the way you want people to love you and see how it goes from there.

-Give love. Giving love should be a focus point. For one to be truly happy is not by how much you are being loved but how much you are able to love yourself and also give out love. The result most times of loving people is that you get loved in return. Give love.

-Cut out expectations. Most times expectation are used to fill up voids in ones self. expectation of regular or consonant romance as the case may be. When you get this your particular expectation it gives you some sense of responsibility and when you do not unhappiness and insecurity sets in.

It is totally dangerous and unadvisable to place your happiness or security in another person’s hands.

As a general advice, do not go into a relationship for the wrong reasons, money, looks, connection etc. These can be pointers but do not base your relationship on these as they can be really deceiving.

Send in your comments for lets know how this write up has affected you. There are other other points but these are the ones I would like us to consider for now.


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