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How To Cope And Get Over A Heart Break..

How To Cope And Get Over A Heart Break..
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A heart break not handled properly could lead to so many things. Could even lead to depression (I may do a video on this), and even affect mental and physical health. Heart break should not be over looked. It needs to be understood as you may not be getting the knowledge for yourself alone.

Have you heard of the cliche that is takes one week to get over every month that relationship lasted? But then who has that much time to stay or dwell in the painful past… move on.

Break ups are really painful and can make you go off thinking you will never get any one again just like that person, that you are not good enough, that your entire future now is in jeopardy. You must have been building a future together. planning about how the future will be about ‘us’ and all that sort and all of a sudden all comes crashing in on you. the worst is when you were least expecting it. This can be really painful.

The future now becomes uncertain and not very clear.

Moving on is the key, NO MATTER WHO INITIATED THE BREAK UP, NO MATTER HOW PAINFUL. The future holds a lot and you may not see it if you keep holding on to the  past…move on. We also need to get that fact that most times it has nothing to do with who was not good enough but if you are suitable for each other.

It is usually at this point that we start thinking, ‘what if’, ‘maybe’ etc. But we need to understand that dwelling in the painful past will not do any good. Lessons learnt you are now blessed with more knowledge. There are more beautiful experience in the future and great people to meet. I have been through some myself.

I will share some tips that will be helpful during the process of moving on. Hope they help you as they have sure helped others.

-Now what next, Acceptance: You need to accept that this has happened. What next. I always believe that relationships end for good reasons. One party was not satisfied. One person was not getting when he/ she wanted and if the relationship continued would have become a disaster hence the break up.

This is not the time to start second guessing yourself… maybe thinking you were not good enough, accept that the relationship is over and you now have a good chance to start over and get it right this time… move one.

-Give yourself a break: You need to give yourself some time. Do not just start searching for another relationship. That will be on a bad advice. Allow some reasonable time to pass while you also take that time to analyze yourself.

Do not push yourself too hard anymore… after all you are no more in a relationship. If you do push yourself too hard you may cause harm and may not even realize it immediately. Do not rush to get over your ex. Wounds need time to heal so does relationship. Allow time to happen. Give yourself some treat. Go to sleep early and wake up late if you can afford it. Enjoy the time.

-Pick up on your hobbies and rededicate yourself: This will also help you mentally and physically. I recommend this strongly. You just may have exchanged reading a book for some pillow talk with your ex due to spending so much time with them. Pick up on your hobbies again.

Use this great time to rediscover yourself and pick yourself up. Did you stop sewing just to join your ex to watch her favorite program? Go back!

-Exercise: Working out will take your mind off the on going negativity. Exercising has been known to help in this kind of situation. Join a gym. Hit the gym every morning before work. And as an extra advantage you get to be in more shape and at an increased chance of meeting someone new… WHEN YOU ARE READY.

Lets us now itemize the rest:

-Find your circle of support and make sure you have fun

-Increase yourself worth

-Invest In yourself

-Realize who you want to be and work towards it.

Send in your comments. Will like to hear from you.


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