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How To Make A Nigerian Man Love You

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First we must understand that there is not much that differentiates a Nigerian man from other men. How are Nigerian men in bed compared to other men? There is not much difference. At least I can say that much as a Nigerian man myself.

I have once heard a lady say that is quite different to deal with a Nigerian man. She said you need to understand how to please a Nigerian man and also how to fall in love with a Nigerian man. Well it can be agreed that Nigerian men have some personality traits that are not very common and that needs to be understood.

If you found yourself falling for a Nigerian man, it would not be strange for you to be anxious and try to look for ways on how to make a man happy (the man we talking here is the Nigerian man). It will be normal to start looking for ways to keep your man and also look for ways for him to love you back.

In your anxiety some of the things you will be looking for may be what to expect when dating a Nigerian man or even how to deal with a Nigerian man.

This article will give you a very strong solution to the issues that plagues your heart when it comes to relationship and a Nigerian man. Here are some details you need to know and also stick to. (Like i said earlier bear in mind that there is not much difference with a Nigerian man and other men).

-You should be decent. One of the important points we will start with is you should be decent. This is one one the ways to make him happy. You should know that the average Nigerian man is a sucker for decency and this is the start on how to please a Nigerian man in bed. During sex, dirt can be a very fast turn off.

Nigerian men are usually culturally minded. They usually do not like loose women. You should have this in mind. Nigerian man would even boast that his woman is faithful and will not sleep around and are not double daters.It should be understood that a Nigerian man might cheat but they will not take it when their women cheat. They will not take it.

To Nigerian men, it is believe that there are somethings that they do and they are normal but if the woman does it it becomes a taboo. Cheating tops the list so to win his love you have to be decent.

-You should always feed him well. When a Nigerian man says he loves you and wants to marry you, you must have done some good cooking. You should master the art of cooking, this also includes preparing some traditional African dishes which Nigerian men love so much, if you want to stand any chance with a Nigerian man.

Some of these traditional dishes that are been spoken of here are Ewedu, Amala,  Efo, Egusi, Ogbono, Abacha, Nsala, Ji, Tuwo, Jollof rice etc. These are according to the said tradition. No need to be worried, you can always look up recipes from the internet. I will always advice that you get an expert to teach you in person so you learning will be direct, practical and professional. This way timing, water level and salting will be handled easier this way.

Another way of getting quicker and better results is by asking the Nigerian man what are the foods he loves so you know how and where to place your concentration. Be sure to let him know you are ready to know how to cook his meals and if he wants to teach you, most times he will be very ready and willing to teach you the needful.

-Be close to God. This is another good one you must come to understand.Most Nigerian men will not tell you this directly. Even if they do not tell you this you should know that most Nigerian men are very religious and some have strong religious back ground.

The Nigerian culture permits persistent prayer to God concerning any issue affecting them. So as much as you can be religious minded.

-You should support him. An average Nigerian will adore and cherish any woman who will deliver to him all the necessary support that will help him actualize his goals.

During his moments for trails, supporting him unconditional will definitely earn you his trust love and respect. For this he will love more when he steps out of that situation or phase.

-Respect him. This is one thing that a Nigerian man will not take… disrespect. Make sure you are not arrogant or rude to him. Do not be ridiculously touchy. Just be respectful and he will love you more.

-Let him know how much you love him. I believe he should know about how you feel. It is a no no for you to hide or stifle your emotions. Some people close to you, your girlfriends and relative might even suggest to you that if you do he will take you for granted. Well, this is not true so no need to get all paranoid.

As you pour out your heart to him be fierce about the matter. This will go to prove to him that as much as you love recklessly, there is a wild part of you when your anger is provoked.

It has been know that Nigerian men fall in love with women they find mysterious.

-Give him his space. For you to even stand a chance with a Nigerian man, you should never encroach on his privacy. Always give him space and time to think out and reflect on his issues.

I would even think that this will help you to know him better and also you will also know ways to make him happy as you will be taking the time to study the tides and also know when he is feeling high or low.

-Never keep in your opinion. Always voice them out. While it is not healthy to keep your opinion in, Nigerian men will always prefer a woman who will smartly speak up her opinion when ever he is in the mist of his friends. The days when women are not to be seen or heard from her gone.

A smart and respectful wife in the mist of a man’s friends is always a pride to the man. While voicing your opinion, your horizon will be widened, you get a mind set of your own. So doing you get learned opinions to speak out whenever the occasion calls for it.

-Watch your shape. Try to make conscious effort to always stay in shape. Maintaining your shape is one sure way a Nigerian man will keep coming back. Men love to have women they can be proud of and boastful about to friends.

You just might be sweet, intelligent, respectful and have all the wonderful attributes a woman should have but you must also stay in shape. You should ensure you stay pretty always and the man will most probably stay attracted to you.

One of your goals should to always dress smartly, have a nice and clean hair-do. You can also try your natural beauty, this could be really fabulous.

-Make sure to satisfy him in bed. This is one good way on how to make a man happy. And before long you just might begin to see signs that the man wants to marry you.

I decided to save the best for last so I can really talk more about it. Most Nigerian men may not be romantic but they sure do love it when their women are good in bed. You are encouraged to explore special ways that will ensure that your romance is good with him.

You should try to know what turns him on and what turns him off in bed. Some men also love to play dirty, find out if this is your man. Do not be shy or afraid to make the first move with him. This could just be a sexy turn on for him.

All the above put together, you are most definitely sure that you are one your way to a successful relationship with the Nigerian man of your dreams.

It is also important that as you try to please a man and make him love you, you also keep some loving for yourself. This is very key. Understand that there are sometimes when the feeling will not be mutual and he might just be using you for some selfish gains.

If such is the case I would suggest you have some respect and dignity for yourself and just walk out of such relationship. It is unhealthy. I wish you best of luck in your quest.


Photo Credit: Ripples

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