In Love There Is No Holding Back!

To fully explain this I will tell a brief story that captivated me from the beginning to the end. A sweet couple Linda and Derrick (not their real names) were well known for the fabulous love that existed between them. They were the perfect example of a sweet home. They easily agreed on a lot of things that there was no issue when Hubby told his wife that his mother will come live the rest of her life with them all the way from their country side home (his father has since passed on)

Linda started quick preparation for her coming. She cleaned up the guest room and freshened the whole place in preparation for her mother in-law. Mother arrives and met a happy and joyous welcome.

The going was very smooth only that mother does not welcome the idea of her son preparing breakfast for his wife…this is the wife’s duty (she thought). Mother frowns at this every morning. She also felt that a few things that they did like buying of flowers for the dining table and rooms, buying canned food in quantity was not necessary and hence a waste of money. She will quarrel and quarrel over this.

Even when Mother tries to help in the kitchen she ends up creating more work for Linda (not doing it well) and one day when she found Linda redoing all the things she had already done she wept bitterly in her room.

Well after a lot of begging and consolation she resumed and this time insisted she will cook breakfast. And she started. While at the dining table she will smile and her son and give Linda the “cooking-breakfast-is-your-job’’ look.

One day Linda stormed out of the dining place and that became another issue for fight with her husband. They did not talk for days. One night after a lot of tears from Linda, her husband begged her to return to the dining table. This she could not resist. She then decided to again join them at the dining table for breakfast. This story will be continued in our next post.




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Kindly note that the people in this story did not bear their real names and we will want it remain like that.

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