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Kissing And Its Benefits

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Do you have a relationship and kissing has taken the back seat? Well this is for you. In this article we will be talking about the benefits if kissing and hugging, the effects of kissing on the lips. We will also be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of lip kissing.

It is my sincere hope that if you have been with your partner and kissing has sort of become outdated, this article helps you kick start that aspect of your life. There are many benefits of neck kissing and lip kissing and also there are many advantages of smooch. I hope I am able to do justice to it all. In this article also you will also come to see why lip kissing is important, the benefits of kissing in a marriage.

Maybe I should cast your mind back to the time when you were teenagers, in the back seat of a car or even in some dark places when the very powerful feelings came up by just kissing and smooching. And this feeling will fuel you body, mind and spirit for days.

It is quite possible that in the quest to start to uncover the whole wonderful moves that are available to us as adults, in lovemaking, we tend to most times forget the power in the beginning steps and this is especially true of kissing.

Kissing is mainly about lip work and here are some reason you should consider so as to start moving on the lips.

Hormones reaction during kissing. The act of kissing triggers the brain pleasure points to release some cocktail of chemicals (hormones) that is bound to leave you feeling so good. Some of those chemicals include but are not limited to oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin.

Oxytocin is the chemical that is linked to pair bonding. The rush of oxytocin that is released when you kiss causes feelings of affection, attachment and care. This is especially important in long term relationships.

Kissing is know to reduce your stress level and improve your self worth. In addition to boosting your happy hormones, kissing can reduces your cortisol levels (stress and anxiety). Kissing just like other affectionate communication like hugging and love phrases like “I love you” can have a huge impact on the physiological process connected to stress management and help calm us down. Even if it is only for this singular reason, consider bringing kissing back

Some pathways are surprisingly open. Kissing has a high tendency of increasing your heart rate. It increases your heart rate in a way that dilates your blood vessels. This increases your blood flow and by so doing reduced your blood pressure. Literally and metaphorically,  this translates to the simple fact that kissing is good for the heart.

The dilation of blood vessels can reduce headaches and even menstrual cramps in women. As long as this boost am talking about here occurs in your feel good chemicals, lip kissing most importantly is likely to feel real good for you.

Romantic kissing will most times lead to sexual arousal and is most times the driving force behind a woman and her want to have sex. Testosterone (a body sex hormone) gets released more and more based on the length of time and how passionately you kiss.

Kissing can also affect a woman’s muscles at the other end. The woman’s vag!nal muscles relax and this opens up her body making her more receptive. Some early midwives would most time encourage husbands to snog their wives assist in bringing really reluctant babies to the world.

Kissing can give you a facelift! Yes a facelift. An article from an authority says kissing can involve about two to thirty-two facial muscles. Kissing regularly and making use of these muscles on the regular act like a form of exercise for your face can increase your collagen production. This contributes a great deal to a firmer younger-looking skin.

Best ways to kiss? Let us now consider it. First you have to make yourself desirable by having a sound oral hygiene. Kissing someone with a fresh and sweet breath is much better and easier than trying to get over their bad breath. A breath mint or mouth wash would be very useful in this kind of case.

If this is not an issue for you then it is better that you are safe than sorry. Especially if you are a smoker or in the habit of eating raw onions or garlic or ginger or if you have eaten them recently.

It is on strong advice that you give kissing attention instead of using it as a means to what happens next. Do not let you head or your attention be somewhere else. When you want to kiss start by looking into your partner’s eyes. Let them know how much you want to kiss them and also how good it will feel for both of you.

It is best you start tender and slow. Go real slow. Hold a side of their chin and stroke the opposite side of their face. Do these before diving for the lips. This helps turn off their mind and most importantly turns on their body.

Leak and tease their lips before moving all in. With full permission to yourself imagine the desire you want to feel beginning from your mouth moving right down to your body…as you direct you mind your energy follows.

Do not let your moves and rhythm be constant, let it vary. Kindly note that if the moves and rhythm you are on is working, there is really no need to change. One person should be in charge at a particular time. We all want to be wanted.

Remember to breath as the passion spreads. Breath… Nibble on the top lip/ bottom lip. Imagine the tingling of your genitals rising into your mouth. You can enhance the feeling you feel by doing a few pc (pelvic floor) squeeze and release as this will further increase your sexual pleasure.

Take some time to stroke your partner’s lips, teeth, tongue with your tongue. Leave on deep throat until the time the passion starts rising and you both are into it for real. You should at some moment try out one giving the kiss and the other just receiving will being still. The feeling can really be wonderful.

The giver takes time to explore the partner’s mouth, lip, teethe and tongue with more and more face caressing for some good measure and pleasure. You should also be open to receive in this way… do not be afraid to receive in this way. Let go of control and just enjoy the moment, it can feel really good.

If you have some sort of resistance to kissing, just explore it. Take up the moment. Do not think of the reason why your resistant. Let your heart be free. There is a possibility that your heart is still hurting from some past relationship. Perhaps you are afraid of getting close or opening up.

It is best to talk about what your resistance is before going any further. Do remember that if your partner has resistance, it is not okay to make this about you and somehow get in the way, you might just learn something that might help.

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