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Million Dollar Question…Guys And Ladies

Million Dollar Question…Guys And Ladies
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Big Question To Men And Women

To Men, Can you marry a lady that dated your brother? The ladies, can you marry your sister’s or friend’s ex?

Some people would have great reservation when it comes to these kind of questions. A lady once said if her sister turns out to be dating her ex-boyfriend that there is every tendency that they were dating even before she and her boyfriend became exes.

Well, I could disagree. And I will also say that if it did not work out between two people does not mean it can’t work out with another two. Yes I will agree to some extent that it could be awkward but if that is what your sister wants there is no need to discourage them or to wish ill of the relationship.

There is every possibility that he did not see what he wanted in you. Same goes for men.

Let us take this as a case study;

I once heard of these sisters who are sworn enemies right now. A lot of people have tried to mediate on their issue but seems there will never be an end to it.

Here is the story, the elder sister was dating this guy and any time he comes around he passes messages through the younger one to the elder one. But in time they both broke and the reasons were not far from trust issues. Even the lady has admitted it severally that she has issues trusting people. So now they are broken up and so way somehow the younger sister got hooked and they are sailing smoothly until when he comes to ask her hand in marriage. Hell broke loose.

The elder sister at first was saying she was trying to protect her younger one but later it was all revealed out of frustration that she never wanted the union since the guy is her ex.

A lot of people tried to come in but to no avail. Well to sum the story up… they got married and the elder sister is still not on talking terms with all that saw to the success of the wedding.

The above story prompted my question…

To Men, Can you marry a lady that dated your brother? The ladies, can you marry your sister’s or friend’s ex?


Do let us know what you think of this and let us base this on “if it were you, what will u do”?


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