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More Tips To Know You Are In A Wrong Relationship…Time To Quit

More Tips To Know You Are In A Wrong Relationship…Time To Quit
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Tips To Know You Are In A Wrong Relationship…Time To Quit. This is a continuation to the most recent post. In the previous post we talked about you not being happy and also doubting yourself all the way in the relationship. We also discussed the disadvantages of being in a wrong relationship – mental health issues, physical health issues, depression just to mention a few.

A wrong relationship in some cases has even lead to disastrous ends. Lets continue from where we stopped.

*You think you will never come regret your choice: Let us get something straight, regret here is not same as feeling bad. These are two different things. One happens now and the other over time. This comes after you have checked and balanced all around you.

Regret is usually painful. A disappointment feeling like you should have stayed on longer, maybe something would have changed.

This is a very good place to start this journey that we are talking about. And you owe your partner a debt to be both true to yourself and to the true to your partner. If you ever find yourself thinking about the consequences of leaving your relationship then trust you really need to evaluate that relationship.

*You still can not fix the problem. You have tried all you think possible and nothing is coming as a solutions… this sure is a pointer. You need not miss it. This comes after all consultations and possible peace, conflict deliberation and resolutions. Strife to always involve a positive and most importantly healthy conflict resolution.

Speak to your partner about the issue. There should not be holding back. Be sure to make apologies when are where necessary and also hear your partner out. This will aid you make you decision clearly and faster.

*You do not just feel good: This can be a very good reason to break a relationship… not feeling good. It is not strange to feel insecure or even have some doubts sometimes about yourself or even something worse.

But spending some time with your partner should send all those worries to thin air at least to some major extent. If the reverse is the case you will agree with me that there is an issue. If this partner tends to bring to light your in-capabilities and is very good at making you lose your confidence, point out your faults in some you-are-not-good enough-way and other demeaning stuff, then it is time to think and also rethink.

*Communication level is low: I always tell people who care to listen that communication is key to every relationship. I have also see a situation where communication help sort out a relationship and the union is strong today… communication.

Couples who have low level of communication or do not communicate properly are bound to have issues. For two people to have a relationship or be in a relationship there must be intimacy and this calls for sharing of doubts, fears, thoughts, dreams. Relationships head for the rocks when couples do not share enough or are not ready to say enough during conflict resolution.

*Your values are on total different ends: I will say here that this is a very big reason to break up a relationship. Some religious leaders will advice people or their members not to marry into other religion. I am not here to counter that but if that is your value and you holding it dear to you, you need not enter a religion hoping to convert your partner unless you are also ready to e converted.

The above is an example of a value. Several values are there e.g: honesty, generosity, religion (like we explained above), animal rights, and so on. If you and your partner differ vehemently on a major one or on several minor or inconsequential ones… that is a pointer. When you go ahead and get into the relationship you will experience serious frustration and even disappointment.

There are several others I would have loved to discuss but let me just list them here:

*When your cons outweigh your pros

*Everybody around (friends, relatives) you is asking you to move out and move on

*You are wondering what else is out there for you.

Let us know if this has helped you in any way. Do send in your comments


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