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Reasons For Going Into A Relationship

Read the account below sent in by a reader:

I once dated a girl who was very nice and good to me. I thought we were meant for each other and the going was very good. My family members came to understand that we love each other and accepted her into our fold. Sometimes she would come pass the night in our house and even join in our devotions.

That was the extent to which we accepted here.

Even here family, the ones close were nice to me. I have never met her mom, her dad is late and her elder brother is out of the country. Her only sister who I knew was very nice and caring. Also protective of her sister and was always looking out for her.

I must say here that we had a very good roll and things were nice. At least to my understanding.

Every human being has his or her short comings and falls. Hers was her hot temper. When she is in a typical fit she can be devilish. She once tried to stab me with a knife once. Yes you read right…a knife. And for once I thought I was dreaming. But it did not all start like that…let me explain.

I had always known that for the initial two years we were together there was always something about her that she was hiding. She was quick to say sorry… whether she is wrong or not. This made me more suspicious.

She would come to the house and decide not to join in chores. Our house help will serve her food in bed and she would not eat… prefer Holladia yoghurt and biscuit. My mom said once that she does not greet her, dad also had such complain.

I would not bore you guys much with some details but there was this incident I will never forget. When she got so mad she threatened to kill me and stand the result.  I asked a friend to intervene and she also threatened his life and called his wife telling her to warn her husband to stir clear.

Well… that passed and there was the incident of the knife.

I am telling this story because it is important that you understand your partner’s expectation in a relationship. I later found out that all she expected of our relationship was marriage and I was not going there… (I mean which man in his right senses would after all these episode?) even if I was thinking about it i had to delete the thought.

She was only pretending initially as I later found out from her sister that that was a big fall for her. And when she comes to her senses she could lick your feet in apology.




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  1. Sometimes people just go into a relationship for going sake when they can’t even define relationship.

    I hope this article will solve our problem

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