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Signs That He Does Care About You

Signs That He Does Care About You
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At some times in your life you want to know that what you have is real. We go through so many phases in love. When you were a teenager, and start liking boys for the first time, these feelings are alien to you… strange and you just do not know what to do with them. And from thinking they are probably so gross you just can not help but loving it when you see him smile. This may just leave you with the thoughts of if he loves you back and also cares about you.

Is it not funny some times how you can tell that someone likes some else but it starts to be unclear to you if someone likes you.

Well… in your mature relationships, it has been observed that these signs do not change, well not much. The way of expression may also change and the dynamics also. As expected the change according to the type of relationship and the stage of the relationship.

Men are not very great at expressing their feelings. They are not also great at saying “I love you” or the likes. They are most likely to send signs cues to express their feelings. The signs are very many but we will be discussing the obvious and important ones.

It is very worthy of note that these all depends on the kind of relationship you share with him, and as such the signs could change. The dynamics of a relationship determines the kind of feelers, cues or signs to expect or that will be coming your way. When I talk about caring, kindly note that it is assumed that it is not just attraction or the sort, you know each other and are friends…maybe.

What are these signs? How do you recognize them? Well, here are the feelers and how you can zero in on the sure signs that he care about you.

-HE WOULD ALWAYS MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT. He would always maintain eye contact when speaking to you. And he would always pay undivided attention when the two of you speak or when you speak in a group or so. He would smile at any time you look at each other across the room or meet in the hallway. He would hang on to what ever word you say.

You will come to notice that this is a genuine smile and not some social etiquette. You will come to see that we will want to talk to you or spend time with you when ever he can get the chance. Will be very willing to help you with stuff, carry books, walk you out, assist you with things….anything. He will looks for reasons to call you on phone and spend long time.

He will ask you about your health, your plans, thing you were part of and will remember something you said even in passing sometimes ago and want to ask you questions about them just to keep you talking.

-HE WILL ALWAYS RESPECT YOU. He will treat you with utmost respect. As a guy who cares, he will create time for you. Do not be surprised that he will do these while putting his own stuff aside. Yours is priority.

He will give importance to your need and desires. He will give up on watching his favorite actions series just for you to enjoy your program for you both to enjoy.

-HE WILL ORDER DINNER OR TAKE YOU OUT WHEN YOU ARE TIRED. When ever you complain he would listen. He will like to know how your day is going, will calling in during your day or send you text messages just to know how your day is going and how you are doing.

He will know when you are having a stressful day and just might do some really random things just to make you relax and show that he cares. He may even order in dinner, draw your bath for you or take you out.

When you are out, take for instance, with friends, his eyes will be on you just to make sure you are alright and safe. After having a late night, he will try to make sure you are all okay and safe. If he does not drop you at home he will ask some one to do it and later call just to make sure you arrived home safely.

The main point I am trying to make here is that he will always have your back.

-HE WILL INTRODUCE YOU TO HIS FRIENDS AND FAMILY. As a man he may not call you 10 times a day but he will always remember important days and dates of yours. Will remember you birthday, interview, etc and will make effort to call just to wish you well.

He will introduce you to his friends and family. Most times this is a sign that he wants you to be part of his life.

You will also notice that your mood affects his mood. When you are happy he is happy and when you are sad he is not comfortable.

-HE WILL ALWAYS DEFEND YOU. Whenever someone puts his hands on you or tries to disrespect you or say something bad about you he will defend you. He could pick up random things for you when he is on the street or in the market, a scarf, a book, just because he thought of you.

He will always remember what you like, the restaurant you like to eat at and your food and will love to do these stuffs with you.

-HE WILL BE ALWAYS POSITIVE AROUND YOU. He will encourage you to do and try new things. He will always want good things to happen for and to you. His attitude will also be positive when another guy flirts with you.

When you are with him you feel secure and you will enjoy the feeling that if anything were to happen you can totally depend on him for support.

For a man, he will probably not express it but will definitely show it.


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