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Signs That Your Partner Has Fallen Out Of Love

Signs That Your Partner Has Fallen Out Of Love
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It is very important to know you place, where you stand every moment of the way. On this post we will be talking on signs showing your partner is now more in love with you. Do bear in mind that these signs do not always apply but they apply most times.

Is he/ her fallen out of love? Is it something serious? Let us consider some of these signs:

-He prefers the company of his friends. These is a sign you must not over look. When his friends or her friends come before you. Gone are the days when he sees you often, when you guys where in separable and the love was steaming, when you were always put first before any other thing. Buy now he sees and prefers his friends to you.

Now, it is not like friends or friendship is not important but it should be understood that a balance has to be made. If your partner would rather spend more times with his friends and buddies than with you, that situation could spread over and affect other parts of the relationship or marriage. This is a possible red flag that is not to be over looked.

-Some new obsession has come up, and this is not you. Your partner who formerly would not spend much time away from you now prefers to stay way. He now was to do more exercise, play video game… just anything that does not have you in it.

There is nothing wrong in doing things that excite you or is good for you health, but not at the expense of your relationship or marriage. When these new passion becomes a distraction, making the partner stay way from their relationship/ martial responsibilities, then there is a problem. A big problem.

It is advised that you speak to your partner about this new development. There is a possibility that you partner does not know that you are feeling neglected. Pointing this out can give your partner all the indication needed to pay more attention.

-Cuddling has become history. Gone are the days when you guys cuddle. Frequent and romantic cuddling are an indication that the love is still alive. You need to become watchful when he or she pushes you off or now does not want such type of affection anymore or is always not in the mood for it.

It is important that you find out why this is. Stress from work or other places could cause this. Some unaddressed issues could also be a cause. It could also be that he or she is no more invested or interested in the relationship any longer and he is now cheating.

-He will just not talk about the issues bothering him. As you already know by now, communication is key in every relationship and when the communication is dead the relationship is as good as dead. The reason is simply because when there is a lack of communication, connection will not be full.

When you ask “what is wrong” and you are met with silence, most times you are left with the feeling that the problem is you… like you did something wrong. This is the initial feeling most times. If this continues for a long time you both might just lose touch and that is it.

This issue has to be arrested as soon as possible.

-He will not grab your hand, not any more. This is an indication that the light is deeming or is deemed. Holding hands that used to come naturally is not far reached. You now initiate the move, could is a deep indicator.

A lack of interest in touching, in connecting is an indicator that there is problems in the relationship. Your partners reaction to touch speaks volumes and can go a long way to answer a lot of questions.

-Being around happy couples makes him uneasy. If your partner shows signs of being jealous around happy and giddy couples this is an indication that he is not happy. It is also an indication that he is worried and thinking that happiness is not attainable for you both.

This may make him think there are expectations he is yet to meet up with.

-He does not want to engage in talks about the future. Gone are the days when you guys talked about the future, kids, where to spend vacations, where to spend retirement and so on. if he has stopped talking about the future this just might be a signal that he does not want to have one with you and he just might be falling out of love with you.

When your partner refuses or becomes uncomfortable discussing the future with you it is just an indication that he is already thinking of one without you in it.

-He puts you in the ‘friend zone’. He just wants to be buddies, friends now with you. you will hear a lot of say they want to be friends with their spouses. But while being friends the romance is not switched off. There is need to be physically and romantically attracted to you partner. The spark, chemistry is needed.

Being ‘friend zoned by your partner is a very bad sign. The romance is gone. Your partner is no more physically drawn to you. There is now a platonic relationship. For a relationship to continue with its spark and chemistry there is need for continued flirting and courtship. Your partner is not just some one that you share your bed with, that you share a roof with or that you split bills with. It all goes more than that.

-Your interests are no more common. Just as opposites attracts, this is also common with relationship. Now there will be evident problems if there is no common thoughts. You have nothing you are working towards, you share nothing in common, then there is a high risk of a disconnect.

A common interest brings the partners together, keeps them communicating and working together which is very important.


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