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Some Common Issues That Kill The Trust In A Relationship

Some Common Issues That Kill The Trust In A Relationship
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You probably remember seeing a couple having some really heated argument. You must have thought in your mind that they must be at their worst or perhaps, what destroys most relationships. It may have even made you start thinking about your own relationship, and things that can destroy a relationship. The kind of issue that will call for that kind of display, Maybe as a guy, things guys do to ruin a relationship.

It is important to note that there is hardly any relationship with its own problems. Relationships are bound to have problems from time to time. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. There are some common issues that occur in a relationship that can compromise the level of trust.

In time we may discuss top 5 things that ruin a relationship and what destroys love. But this article handles those.

Are there ways to avoid these issues? Well we have come up with ways, solutions to resolving these issues. Well lets talk about some of these issues and some possible ways of fixing them.


It should be known that when you do not tackle relationship issues at the base there is a tendency of recurrence. This is the deal with relationships. Relationship are not rocket science or mathematical sums that you solve and it never comes up again.

Knowing the root cause of an issue solves the issue about fifty per cent.

the depths of a relationship can never be known or calculated because relationships resolve round human nature. The fact that some problems in relationships are so common, it is possible to jot down some points about them. Let us now take a look at some of these problems and their possible solutions.


Communication has been known to be a very important part of relationships. In the analysis of relationship problems, communication or the lack of it has been known to be one of the common and potent steps that leads to the downfall of a relationship.

The person you have to deal with has his/ her own set of rules, values, expectations, preferences, and all the likes. A clash or two from time to time is expected.

If there is no communication that will show or explain or convey what is really happening or how a particular action is affecting the other, there can never be a strong cordial relationship.

There is really no relationship with no bitter and negative linings. It takes only a mature couple that can openly communicate to solve their own matters at hand.  This is the main reason knowing how to communicate is important. This is not to say when ever there is a problem you summon a meeting and start talking it out. Maturity, not numbers, is highly needed.

This just goes to show that your base is strong enough, that you are communicating. Communication will help you to mutually understand what the other person is made up of and most times capable of. When couples have a proper and effective communication, a lot of issues can be eradicated. Some of which include but are not limited to sexual problems, relationship stress, money issues, infidelity, jealousy, etc.

With good communication, you will be able to know what the other person really wants if the relationship is still young.


This is the base of any relationship. It is a bedrock. A relationship has to be built around trust. Without this, there can be no strong or even serious relationship…ever. Without trust in a relationship, whatever happens has absolutely no meaning. I mean it is worthless.

People find it hard to build trust for so many reasons. Ether because they have faced abandonment before or maybe infidelity previously.

The factor of understanding the other person comes to play here. You need to know what the other person is. The other partner should be able to convince them of their love, feeling and loyalty via their actions and words.


It is almost common practice that once the honeymoon of a couple is over, they tend to pick up from where their lives were left off. Something like career is picked up, meeting friends, etc.

And either because they are not secure in their relationship or because the the war sweet feeling has taken the back seat, they either knowingly or unknowingly have less time for their partners. This can give rise to a lot of issues like jealousy, bitterness, an increased feeling of possessiveness etc.

The only sure way to tackle this is to stop it before it even happens or to learn from it if it has already happened. Be sure to explain to your partner that you spending less time with them does not mean in any way that you love them less. Then you make sure you start spending quality time with your partner…yes quality time.


That one is not getting his or her space could be a factor that could lead to a really troubled relationship. If one does not spend good time with their partner, for some there may be the need to be possessive just to be close to their partners.

Having a knowledge of what your partner expects and wants and the getting a chance to explain your point of view to the other person will help solve a lot of problems. I would encourage you to take positive steps to correct this problem.

While trying to address this issue they may end up getting clingy and unnecessarily needy. This may become an issue as this may become to much for the other partner to handle. Do you want to avoid this? Well talk it all out with your partner. Whether it is you not getting space or doling it all out… talk to your partner about it.


It can be understood that when two people come together, they are not having clean slates, but they rather exist as people who have their own kind of issues. They have their own baggage, their own expectations. We get to notice that what one person wants from the relationship is not what the other person really wants.

There could be a clash in opinions as far as expectations and fulfilling those expectations are concerned. And this can lead to the couple drifting apart.

To avoid this, there should should be open and conscious communication, stating and explaining what what your expectation from the other person and the relationship are. Once this is over and done with, and it is all in the open, the couple can now work on dealing with it all. There will be no festering of feeling into bitterness or jealousy or even hurt.

Conclusively, try to build a relationship that is based on mutual respect and understanding. Easy to say and tough to follow right? But do make an effort.


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