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Tips To Know You Are In A Wrong Relationship…Time To Quit

Tips To Know You Are In A Wrong Relationship…Time To Quit
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The whole essence of dating is to know if you and the other person are okay to be together, spend the rest of your live together, that is for those ready to tie the knots or looking to tie the knots.

At some point in some relationship you just know that it is time to call it quits, you end it and all move on. But there are those times that you are not just sure. You still want to give it a try or your are trying to check some thing out as you make up your mind. That or those are the times I am talking about about here.

The instrument for measurement here on these matters is your FEELINGS. Yes your feelings. When you get negative air- sadness, anger, unhappiness, uptight, uneasiness. When you just feel happy, inner joy, excitement.

The issue we are trying to deal with or even bring to light (clarify) is that each time, day and with each contact, there is going to be a shift, either positive shift or negative shift.

I have come to understand that one of the worst things that can happen to a person is a bad relationship. It can affect you mentally. It can also affect your physical health. I have seen where is has even affect ones concentration that she started hallucinating.

Lets now discuss some very clear reasons why you should break up with your partner:

1. You just do not have happiness: Let us get it clear now, its not like couples do not have arguments or issues to settle some times. Even the healthiest relationship has its ups and downs. People in great relationships break down emotionally sometimes. But trust me checking your happiness is a wonderful place to start. Some one in a good relationship should be happy.

If you find yourself frequently deliberating or wondering if you should break up or you are not happy and looking most times to end the relationship… then just do it. That person is not just for you.

2. When you just start doubting all the way: here I am talking about when you develop some big time doubts about the relationship. When within you some questions start coming up about the relationship. Mind you, it is quite normal to evaluate one’s relationship once in a while, this is totally healthy and even natural.

I will suggest that you never ignore that small voice of reasoning deep down in you speaking. Always take heed. It is there for a reason. Some times it just gives you this disturbing nag telling you to pull out – speaking either in a silent voice or loud scream. If this is you do listen to the voice and let it help to draw a conclusion to the decision you probably have already taken.

3. You just do not get it… you confused: this is usually the point where you ask yourself if you really want the relationship to continue. Another question that is usually asked at this point is ‘if there is any thing to be salvaged from the relationship. Is the relationship worth it? This is the point you need to call for some peaceful conflict resolution.

Discuss with your partner, hear him or her out and try to see reasons. From the out come for the resolution you can speak to your self and draw your conclusions.

I will be bring you more tips much later. Your feedback/ comments are most welcome. Let us know what you think. And kindly do remember that the above is just my opinion and my opinion alone. Let hear from you.


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