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Why Do We Fall In Love?

Why Do We Fall In Love?
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I do not believe in love at first sight. I believe love develops and moves from one stage to another and I also believe love is a beautiful thing and it is always worth it. Love can make you do a lot of things that normally you will not think or imagine doing. For some it could make them cry and they experience some painful stuff for days but still I say it is worth it.

If you find yourself in love for the wrong a reason that is when you will experience the reason people say loving or love is bad.

I would say very clearly here that the following are my opinion and I will like to hear yours. So kindly send in some feedback.

It has always proven to better to not go into a love relationship or fall in love looking for your partner to complete you. Strive for completeness or be fully alright before going into a relationship because there is a possibility that those things that enticed you to fall in ‘love’ with that person may one day disappear.

Now when I say be complete I do not mean be this as per finance but if this is where you have a lapse try to work it out before going into a relationship. For some people it could be their self esteem…these should also be checked and worked upon before a relationship.

Sometimes you could get completeness in a relationship but that relationship will most definitely be a blessing. It is better to be well equipped before going into a relationship.

Some of my tips:

  1. Do not or better still never expect too much from you partner.
  2. Always I repeat always have an open mind
  3. Never assume…

I once told someone that before I go into a relationship with someone I ask my self if that is what I want at that point in time and if yes why this particular person? Yes… why that particular person. If a few things change in future like of he or she is broke or looks change in future will I still be ready to continue sticking?


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