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Why People May Quickly Lose Interest In You

Why People May Quickly Lose Interest In You
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This could really be a problem if you find yourself at this point at any time in your life. A reader actually reached out to me on this complaining that this is really ruining a lot for her.

I can bet this is not new. You meet someone for the first time and things are really going well and all of a sudden things just take a funny twist and you start wondering what exactly went wrong. Someone that really had so much interest in you and all of a sudden you seem to easily make the person uneasy or uncomfortable. You begin to wonder what went wrong. You start to long for someone who has lost interest in you… this can be a really bad experience. See below for some reason this happens and some possible way to prevent them from happening again in future.

-Low confidence: You probably know someone who is not that attractive or dresses not too good but they tend to have so many interest options. We all know at least one of this kind of person. The reason main reasons we can easily say these kind of things happen is because they are drawn to their confidence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Confidence counts a lot when it comes to these kind of things or even relationship. Not a lot of people would want to associate with anyone that has low or no confidence in themselves. Such insecurities are not easily detectable at the beginning that is why a date can go on for a few times or a relationship can go on before one party begins to loose interest.

What to do about it? try to boost your self esteem. This is one place you can surely start from. Boost your confidence. Try to do things that will make you more comfortable in your own skin… within and around you. Try to find out what exactly you need improved about you and work towards it. Your shape? involve yourself in shape improving routines. If possible enroll in a gym. If you are not okay or feel insecure about the kind of job you have start a new course that will upgrade you to the desired position you look towards.

It is important that not all things are changeable. So in that situation handle the things within your control and come to terms with the ones without your control.

-When you care too much: This most times comes due to desperation. When someone desperately want to be loved or  seeks attention. This also happens when they are unhappy about themselves and want to fill some hole in their lives.

Most people that come around such people to date or a relationship are usually not okay with such behaviour. Some actually get pissed and break it all up. This is a turn-off. People that have it all together do not need people in their lives to complete or make them whole.

What to do to remedy this? You have to kind of come around and be comfortable with staying single for the rest of your life. When you get this then you start working around being comfortable being yourself. When all these is done then you are indeed ready for a healthy relationship/ partnership.

This could be hard at first but it will allow you time to work on who you really want to be. This step very important. When the time is right the right person will come along and add to who you are not making you up. I hope you understand the difference.

The time is not yet right: If all written here (above) does not apply to you then have it in mind that there is a high tendency that the timing is not yet right for the two of you. The “it not me…it is you” comes to play here. It has nothing to do wit you but your partner.

Your confidence level is high, you are happy with yourself and are ready to have that person in your life. But if the person is not ready  yet or is not at the same place with you none of that will matter to you.

What to do? You should understand that not everything is explainable, that some things in life are miseries. So be okay with the unexplained. Have the understanding that if something is meant to work out it will. If you are meant for each other then it will definitely happen.

But in the mean time get busy, exercise well, eat right, spend some quality time with family and friends. Have all the happy time that life has to offer and be open to some positivity in life. The right person will definitely find his way.

-When too much and too soon happens: This is typical when its hot and happening too fast. When a couple find themselves at some point nice place in their lives and its all happening smoothly for them and they want to start a relationship and the whole spark just dims.

This usually happens when a relationship is going too fast and is intense and the next place for it to go is down. When two people are madly in love and obsessively think about each other, text each other and all they can think about is spending long times together, this can really be fun and all nice but the bitter truth is that it usually does not last. It ends abruptly usually.

What can be done? Sure something can be done about this. Balance is always important. Always. You need to be conscious of the progression of the relationship. Be deliberate. It is important that you do not neglect important aspects or even people in your life when you find yourself in a new relationship. Try to find the friendship in your relationship.

Some of the most long lasting relationships had something in common, romance, passion and companionship. It is great to know that you and your partner have somethings in common that is more than the physical chemistry.

If after following all these (Why People May Quickly Lose Interest In You) and still there is no change there is no need to panic. As I have well stated earlier, there are somethings in life that are not explainable or that are better left on their own. You are exactly where you need to be. If a person does not prioritize you then they are not worth your time. You need t move on… no need to waste your time.


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