Are You Ready For Marriage? Choosing The Right Man (Contd)…

Are You Ready For Marriage? Choosing The Right Man (Contd)…
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Continuing, let us have a re-cap of the followup write-up. We talked about the Love, and if you enjoying the companionship, that being a good sign. In fact a very wonderful sign.

We also went on to talk about the important need of being friends close friend. A friendship where you will be free to share what ever secrets you have and so on. So let us go ahead to discuss the other point I have, with your indulgence.

Value sharing:  I have assumed it is paramount that you and your to be partner share same values. This is very dare to me any time I have to discuss this matter. I once had a girl friend you was very insistent that I must be converted. She also went far enough to say it is hard enough that I was not from her state of origin. To her this was an issue which needed to be sorted out.

I am not here saying that you have to have everything in common… NO capital NO but it is important that these things are discussed and that the both sides are on the same page. You should agree on children, religion, goals,. personal and professional life and stuffs like that.

Do you have respect for the other?

I will sight am example from the value sharing. For example. If a party does not like tea and the other likes taking tea, does she or he pressure the other into liking tea? Or do the agree and accept the other’s preferences.

All values cannot be the same this is a constant but the core values must be respected so that the other does not feel kind of cheated or over shadowed… if you understand what I mean.

You should love you partners’s family: This is a very important and sensitive part of the whole marriage thingy. You can not say you are only marrying the person. You are marrying the entire family. You do not have to love them but you must come to tolerate them very well as they are likely to have effect on your family.

You must let you partner know how you feel and let him know and see how you trying your best to tolerate them if they are the very difficult type. Family is important I must add.

Let us talk about your big day: If you are not ready to wake up take your bath, walk into the church hall and get married then you need to sit back relax and think about it. It does not have anything to do with magic. Am not saying you should not have a big wedding, the type you have always dreamed about. You should get my point… you should be sure that you are ready for the life time event and not the one time experience.

You will just know: I will leave you with this final one. The answer is just there in your guts. You are just too sure. If your time frame is first date, or three months or even less, by then you will know. But if after one year or a year and six months you are still battling with the question… THEN FORGET IT… that is not for you.

You can send in questions on the comment sections if you want to reach out or you can send in mails if you want to be anonymous or share an experience. And kindly remember that these are my own yard stick. Yours could be different and this could work for you differently.


Let us hear your view on this . Thanks!



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