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Are You Ready For Marriage? Some Points To Take Note Of…

Are You Ready For Marriage? Some Points To Take Note Of…
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Let me start with the first things first… I totally disagree with those that say there is a perfect time for marriage. There is no perfect time for marriage and to me there can never be. You may catch me sometime saying when the time is perfect… but lets be real, there really is no perfect time for marriage.

We also need to get it all straight here, marriage is awesome and a lot of people need to know and understand that. But Before you go into it ask yourself if you are ready and the answer you get will direct you. I have got some questions I feel will help you determine if really you are ready.

Yes you are in Love but do you enjoy the companion? This is a question that will help you check if you are being ‘crazy’ or not. Marriage will make you see the same face every morning, listen to the same voice on a daily basis, laugh at the same joke almost daily and if there is something you are not okay with that you will be tied down to for a long time.

So the big question is are you ready for that. Can you deal with that? If the answer is yes then ‘boy’ you have just crossed a big hurdle. We can now move on to the next point.

Yes…you are lovers…but you are also friends. Keep an eye on that. It is important that we never loose sight of that. You need to make sure that the person is considered your dear friend… dearest. One who you can trust with your secrets and spend a lot of time with. Have laughs together and on that when you are together, nothing else matters. It is not going to be sexual contacts or matters always. There will be some serious matters and you will have to deal with it as friends.

For me this friendship matter is a very important on and must be considered serious. I will be discussing more on this ‘marriage ready matter’. Be sure to send in you thought and comments.

Remember, this only represents my opinion.




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