Online Dating Rules!
Online dating has long been demystified and is no longer a stranger. As with many things on the internet, online dating has evolved to the place it is now. Being accepted as part of the everyday lives of single people who make use of it to meet people. So many researches have shown that as many… (0 comment)

He Does Not Love Me Anymore… Signs
For many this is not an easy place to be. I mean this is a conclusion and it is not easy. You must have seen something that made you come to the conclusion that your partner does not love you anymore. If you know the signs that is all great then you start acting properly… (0 comment)

How Do You Spend Your Free Time?
I have found the how we spend our free time goes a long way to help us, if you are in a relationship or outside a relationship (as this is the basis of our discussion). Remember there is a saying… an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Let me talk a little from a personal… (0 comment)

Distance Relationship… Some Tips
I have watched a lot of distance relationship suffer… even those that are supposed to make it or survive the test period. I feel there are some things people in distance relationship should do. There are also stuff there should understand before going into a distance relationship or even staying in a distance relationship. Again… (0 comment)

In Love There Is No Holding Back!
To fully explain this I will tell a brief story that captivated me from the beginning to the end. A sweet couple Linda and Derrick (not their real names) were well known for the fabulous love that existed between them. They were the perfect example of a sweet home. They easily agreed on a lot… (0 comment)