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How To Date A Nigerian Girl… (Woman)

How To Date A Nigerian Girl… (Woman)
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A typical Nigerian GirlDating a Nigerian girl is so different from dating a Nigerian man (I hope you have read my article on dating a Nigerian man). Well when it comes to dating a Nigerian girl there is a guide…lol, that is how one of my foreign friends put it. Dating a typical Nigerian woman can be a Topsy-curvy experience especially if you are just getting into the dating game as a man.

You should understand that naturally women are very complicated creatures let alone a Nigerian woman. A Nigerian woman is faced with so many challenges; tradition, ethnicity, unstable economy, family, religion, peer pressure, and biology. This is just to mention a few.

It is only understandable that all these factors will contribute to whoever she will date.

The average chauvinistic man (maybe African) with his mindset and perception will not understand this and hence will expect such woman to accept him. In this age, parents do not marry wives for their kids anymore and most women now know what they want and they now go for it if it does not come to them.

Here are some tips you should consider if you want your relationship with a Nigerian girl to blossom.

Give her money to make her hair.

didi hair style sampled

In Nigeria there are some traditional hair styles; Didi, kpatewo, etc but Nigerian girls now prefer Brazilian hair or some other expensive hair extensions (weavon) just because it makes them stand out and look sophisticated. An average Nigerian girl hardly wears her natural hair but will rather have these foreign hair extensions that cost a lot of money and time and she expects her man to be able to foot the bill. This may not be always but once in a while.

You are expected to compliment her new hair do and she is expecting you to pay for it. And she expects this not to ‘kill’ you. She believes that after all she spent to much time and energy looking good just for you.

When she invites you to church…ACCEPT.

Black people in church

This my not happen all the time. You should remember that Nigerians are very religious people. A typical Nigerian lady will invite you to her church. This is one sign that a Nigerian lady likes you or is even thinking of giving you a chance in her life.

Even if you are not into going to church or the ‘churchy’ type when she invites you her church accept and show up. This is a good opportunity for her to show off to her friends, relatives and family. She may even show you off to her pastor as this is the person she relies of for spiritual advice. This is especially if you are smooth and suave.

Show her parents a lot of respect.

An exapmple of a man greeting in yoruba land

If she is the woman you wish to marry you must respect her parents whenever you get to meet them. Kindly note that if she is a Yoruba lady you will have to do a lot of respecting and greetings. The Yorubas, from South-West Nigeria value respect so much, show you must show you are capable.In the culture you are expected to greet a lot and you will be prostrating while you are at it.

This will definitely land you in the good books for the parents. Other Nigerian ethnic group have their own hold on respect too be sure to observe it. Do your home work.

Never surprise her with Home visits. As you will come know if you do not already, a Nigerian lady or girl is highly calculative and usually smart in their own right. You will come to find that she know how to play the dating game. She know the right time and the right man to give a safe passage to her home.

Do not try to take a short cut or jump the gun by just showing up at her house… she will not like it and sure will not be excited about it.

Do not be surprised of she doe not come out at all. You are on your own in your disappointment so it is advisable to wait patiently for the invite. If you feel it is not forthcoming bring it to the table and discuss it with your lady.

Is marriage your agenda?

A pathway to marriage. Any relationship that is beating around the bush, perambulating will not last too ling for the typical Nigerian girl. She will quit the relationship if its not leading to where she expects, aimless or without directions.

She will give you or show you marriage signs but she most likely will not pop the question. She will be looking at you to be matured and will only be thinking, why the delay?

Have put forward all these points, approach this as a guide and understand that is may not pass for all Nigerian ladies but give you a better landing on how to handle them.

I wish you good luck in your question.


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  • During the dating phase of a relationship, you get to see a woman for who she is. One of the things you ll notice while dating is how eager she is to get married. This may be a turnoff right away if you are able to pick up on it. Or, you might be oblivious to some of the signs. Regardless, you should proceed with serious caution if the woman you are dating is acting desperate to get married.


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